Trident Program

TRIDENT Group Property & Casualty Program

First proprietary group Property & Casualty insurance program exclusively for municipalities in Delaware: 

  • Currently 19 municipal members; Each has experienced reduced costs and superior coverages when joining the program;
  • Goal: to mirror the same footprint of success in Delaware as the DFIT Workers Compensation Program; 
  • Opportunity for dividend returns, as with the DFIT Workers Compensation plan, based on favorable group claims performance as the program grows; 
  • A viable and competitive option to traditional insurance purchasing, which provides long-term stability of cost and risk mitigation protection; 
  • Members receive the protection of economy of scale; the experience of the group, not all other industries, control the costs;   
  • Includes Property coverage at competitive rates;  
  • Where other carriers are exiting Delaware due to the coastal ‘exposure’, Trident looked at 100 years of Property claims for municipalities and came in to the State- they saw favorable performance; 
  • Trident has consistently kept their rates flat for past renewals;  
  • Coverages have been crafted specifically to address coverage needs/concerns/issues of Delaware municipalities; 
  • Guaranteed cost; each Member receives their own policy.

Each member of this group program receives risk control, legal, and HR related resources, at no additional cost, that will provide direct financial and administrative benefits, such as:

  • Trident Risk Control Training Portal 
  • Contract Reviews  
  • Legal Evaluation of Employee Handbook; Recommendations for revisions 
  • Trident Legal Counsel available as consultants for questions for Liability issues (i.e. Public Officials; Inspections; Employment Practices)
  • Anti- Harassment/ Sensitivity Training Seminar- 2019 (dates TBD) 
  • Playground Inspections  
  • Environmental Assessments 
  • Property Inspections  
  • Access to information such as Federal DOT drug/alcohol testing result retention 
  • Hands on, person to person on-site training as needed by each individual municipality  
  • Access to Trident’s dedicated Risk Control personnel, who have been assigned to this program, and attend the quarterly DFIT meetings in Dover.